Doubts around the 2 day parking study presented in Workshop 3 as there is usually no parking available. Is the study accurate?


The parking study was carried for the Phase 1 scheme as part of a transport study and in accordance with Lambeth’s Parking Survey Methodology. The methodology is standard process which gives a good idea of capacity on the estate. It takes place over two days between midnight and 5am when occupancy is considered to be at its peak and is in accordance with the requirement of Lambeth’s policy:

The Council requires a parking survey to cover the area where residents of a proposed development may want to park. This generally covers an area of 200m (or a 2 minute walk) around a site. For further detail see ‘Extent of survey’ below.The survey should be undertaken when the highest number of residents are at home; generally late at night during the week. A snapshot survey between the hours of 0030-0530 should be undertaken on two separate weekday nights (ie. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday).’

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