Please provide evidence of your “surveying”. No-one on South Lambeth Estate has received a survey form to feedback to you

How is this survey methodology “ongoing”?

How are these surveys being conducted, to whom, how are they being analysed and what are the reporting protocols?


 Examples of surveys, evidence and analysis methodology below conducted online. Open surveys which can be filled in by residents whilst they are published.

Resident Activities Feedback = 88 responses

  1. Sustainability and how to live zero waste or similar project to allow people to understand how does it work the recycling scheme within the council and what we can do to improve it on our day to day.
  2. I love this Activities Because is make me relax and strong
  3. Please consult with the sub REP group
  4. Family sports events, like family runs when the Covid situation settles down
  5. Juggling and unicycle classes
  6. I think you are doing okay, but there is always room for improvement
  7. Helping children from year1 to yr12 into more learning
  8. Yoga in future
  9. Not really
  10. Briefings for tenants on the impact of the social housing white paper
  11. Housing design, green energy, gardening
  12. Gardening
  13. No
  14. With the pandemic, it is quite obvious you should focus on online/virtual activities.
  15. Yes - how about Homes for Lambeth take a course on sticking to the rules, like not starting noisy works until 09:00 not as they are doing now before 08:00. maybe also a you should take a course on how to tell the truth. that will help us all.
  16. Residents would like answers to long outstanding queries about the work currently underway and that which is outline planned for the estate. Would have joined your Virtual Cuppa meeting; unfortunately I only received the invitation today, on Tuesday. 19th. I wonder if others received their invitation in time to attend? I wonder how many of our digitally excluded residents you are contacting by phone? Will this data be available at any stage?
  17. One ball in hand run
  18. I’m not interested in activities, but more that HFL does a good job and treat us like people, rather than seeing this project as a way to make lots of money for themselves
  19. No
  20. Courses on civil engineering
  21. Neighbourhood re-designation and rebuild .
  22. N/A
  23. No now because of covid
  24. People would like to see more on the development
  25. Landscape activities such planting due to the estate being redeveloped would be good.
  26. Courses related to games and design or animator.
  27. Football for adults
  28. Parenting course
  29. Are GP service going to be available in the new properties.
  30. Anything to do with gardening Eg planting bulbs
  31. More youth engagement. Stuff centred around music, arts, dance, coding etc.
  32. No
  33. Sewing classes and pattern cutting.
  34. Health & Safety and better treatment of residents is of more concern for myself & most residents than taking part in activities. This is no reflection on the Engagement Officers who seem nice. Take proper care of residents first instead of performing tick box exercises.
  35. More arts and crafts for young adults.
  36. More social spaces with option for barbecue, we miss this is London.
  37. More information on the estate

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