What is the housing situation in Lambeth?



Providing more and better homes for Lambeth residents is one of the council’s key priorities. The lack of affordable housing is one of the biggest issues facing our residents; across London as a whole, there is a growing housing crisis. According to the Land Registry Lambeth’s average house price in 2016 was £518,088 – 15 times London’s average annual wage.

What we’re doing

We are building 1,000 new homes at council level rent, delivering the first new council homes for a generation, with a target of ensuring that at least 40 per cent of the homes on all housing developments are affordable. Our new home building includes using council owned small sites that can be developed for extra new housing.

You can see progress towards this on the map below:

Why has the council launched an estate regeneration programme?


We launched our estate regeneration programme to enable us to build better homes for our current residents and more homes to help tackle the housing crisis in the borough. We are looking to rebuild homes where it isn’t economically viable to refurbish them and also where doing so won’t improve the estates.

What else is the council doing to build more homes in the borough other than the estate regeneration programme?


We are campaigning for a Better Lambeth: better jobs, better schools, better homes and better streets. Lambeth is committed to tackling the housing crisis in the borough by maximising the number of new affordable homes to make sure residents aren’t priced out of the housing market.

What we’re doing

We are building 1,000 new homes at council level rent, delivering the first new council homes for a generation, with a target of ensuring that at least 40 per cent of the homes on all housing developments are affordable. Our new home building includes using council owned small sites that can be developed for extra new housing. You can see progress towards this on the map below:

We’ve invested more than £490m in council homes in recent years, providing new bathrooms and kitchens for council tenants and making their homes warm, dry and safe. That work is now delivering real results for our residents, with more than 21,000 homes already brought up to the Lambeth Housing Standard. This was developed in 2012 after residents told us what works they felt were a priority for their homes and surrounding environment. We work with housing associations who also play an important role in delivering a range of social and affordable homes. The private sector is also providing new homes in Lambeth to households on a range of incomes and needs. New housing development is a fundamental part of the council’s jobs and growth agenda as outlined in the new Council’s Borough Plan.

The Lambeth Housing Development Pipeline Report shows that more than 4,900 new homes have been built in Lambeth since 2014. New homes play an essential element of economic growth in Lambeth by bringing in funding through community infrastructure levy, increased council tax receipts and job opportunities.

How did you select the six estates you are working on?


The programme has prioritised estates where:

  • The costs of delivering the Lambeth Housing Standard to homes would be too expensive, especially when compared to new-build. Lambeth Housing Standard is a standard adopted by Lambeth that ensures all council homes in the Borough are warm dry and safe.
  • Lambeth Housing Standard works would, in themselves, not address the fundamental condition of the homes nor address many of the wider social and economic problems faced by residents and/or
  • The wider benefits from regeneration would justify the investment - this includes locations where the existing estate is relatively low-density and where there is an opportunity to create additional much needed new homes

Based upon this the following six estates were selected for regeneration: Cressingham Gardens Knights Walk Westbury Fenwick Central Hill South Lambeth

As a non-resident homeowner, why am I not eligible for a new home on the estate?


The council is under no obligation to provide non-resident homeowners with a new home. Lambeth is experiencing an extreme housing shortage. The council cannot, therefore, offer non-resident homeowners an ability to acquire a new home for anything other than full market value. Where new homes are built for market sale, then non-resident homeowners will be able to acquire one of the new properties at full market value.  The Key Guarantees provide for the acquisition of non-resident homeowner properties at market value plus 7.5% homeloss payment. The Council will not be compensating you for any loss of rental income.

Will secure tenants still have the right to buy their homes?


The new HfL tenancy agreement is based upon, and is very similar, to the tenancy agreement currently used for Lambeth Council tenants. It also includes a contractual Right to Buy.

What is the Life Time Assured Tenancy agreement?


The new HfL tenancy agreement is based upon, and is very similar, to the tenancy agreement currently used for Lambeth Council tenants. It also includes a contractual Right to Buy.

The tenancy agreement covers your rights and responsibilities on areas including:-

  • Paying rent and other charges

Rent will be set in exactly the same way as council rents. You will be responsible for paying water bills directly to Thames Water. Repairs what you are responsible for, and what HfL is responsible for.

  • Decoration

Generally, internal decoration is a tenant's responsibility, although we will help elderly or other vulnerable tenants.

  • Cleaning

You must keep the inside of your home tidy. HfL will look after the communal areas.

  • Gardens / outside space

You must look after any garden, yard and balcony, and keep them free of rubbish. These areas form part of the property. Insurance HfL will insure the structure of the building against certain risks, together with our fixtures and fittings, but you should arrange your own contents insurance.

  • Making alterations

You are not allowed to alter the outside of your home, such as putting up a satellite dish or fixing security grills.

  • Your Right to Buy your home

We're adding a contractual Right to Buy which will provide an equivalent right to the one you currently have.

  • HfL's right to enter your property

You must let officers and contractors in to carry out repairs.

  • Use of your home

You must live in your property as your only or principal home; if not we’ll take legal action to recover possession. You can only run a business from your home with our permission.

  • Succession (passing your tenancy on when you die)

The tenancy allows for succession to partners (married or unmarried) and to children who have lived with you for 12 months prior to your death.

  • Pets

You need written permission to have a dog. You must microchip your dog.

  • Not causing a nuisance

The tenancy lists various things you shouldn't do which could cause a nuisance to your neighbours.

  • Ending your tenancy

If you want to end your tenancy you must give us four weeks written notice. If HfL needs to bring your tenancy to an end, such as if you don’t pay the rent, it will need to apply to a court for possession.

Who qualifies as a resident on the estate?


You will need to be a resident at the time that the council submits a planning application for the masterplan for the rebuilt estate and to remain a resident from that time until the council seeks to acquire your property.

Who pays for tenants’ aids and adaptations?


The council will carry out a medical assessment to determine what aids and adaptation you would require. Where this medical assessment shows that you will need aids and adaptations to your new home, then they will be built in and paid for by Homes for Lambeth. This will not come out of your home loss payment.

Who is responsible for private tenants if an estate is being rebuilt?


If you are letting your property then tenants will be your responsibility as their landlord. You will need to give them notice and provide vacant possession of your home to the Council at the required time. The Council will liaise with you and provide you with adequate time to give notice to your tenants according to the tenancy agreement, etc. The Council will not be able to provide accommodation for your tenants. However your tenant could seek assistance and advice from the Council Housing Option Team.

In what circumstances will there be a “right to return”?


There will be a “right to return” in those circumstances where the council/Homes for Lambeth has asked a tenant or homeowner to move temporarily off their estate to cater for the phasing of development. In these circumstances, there will be a “right to return”, where the council/Homes for Lambeth will commit that suitably sized accommodation will be available on the new estate and that those with a “right to return” will be considered with same priority for a new home as those that continue living on the estate. It is anticipated that there will only be very limited circumstances where the council/Homes for Lambeth asks someone to move temporarily off the estate. 

How will the “option to return” offer operate?


If a secure tenant decides to move away from your current estate, but wishes to retain an option to return, then they would need to notify the Housing Regeneration Team. Secure tenants remaining on an estate would have priority for new choice of homes. When an estate has been mostly built (or, where relevant, a phase has been completed) and all the secure tenants remaining on the estate have been re-housed, then the Housing Regeneration Team would contact those who have retained an option to return to ask if they now wished to exercise that option and return to the estate. Anyone responding to that offer would be provided information on what homes are available and how they can bid for those new homes. Only after all those who wish to take up the option to return have moved back to the estate would new homes be made available to those on the general waiting list.

How will the council prioritise who gets which home on my new estate and will I have any choice?


Once masterplanning on any estate gets underway, the council will involve residents in the drafting of a Local Lettings Plan. This will set out a process and prioritisation system, which will set out how tenants and homeowners can apply for new-built homes. The council’s allocations scheme will still apply.

Will residents have to move off the estate while building work is going on? Where to and for how long?


The majority of secure tenants and resident homeowners should be able to move straight into a new home on the estate rather than move twice. As part of the masterplanning process we will work with residents on a phasing programme to ensure this can happen. Where this is not possible, some residents may be rehoused outside of the estate until their new home is ready, this will be in Lambeth and in a home suitable for their needs.

How long is the CPO negotiation process?


It is expected that the CPO process could take approximately 18 months; however at this stage it is very difficult to say accurately how long it will take.

What is the process for the council to value my home if I chose to sell it back to the council?


The council will ask its agents to carry out a market valuation of the property. In parallel to this, if you wish, you can obtain your own valuation from another RICS qualified surveyor of your choice. Once the council and you as the homeowner have reached agreement on the value of the property, then the transaction proceeds.

How much is the council paying for properties?


As part of the cabinet decision to carry out a regeneration scheme for your estate, the council made a commitment to enable communities to stay together. To honour this commitment, we are putting in place various options to enable resident homeowners to remain on the estate. These options are part of the Key Guarantees.

However, the council understands that personal circumstances may lead to some homeowners wanting to sell their property to the council before the redevelopment of the estate. In response to requests from homeowners, a number of properties in the regeneration schemes have been bought by the council so far.

Date information last updated 12-December-20      
Post code Bedsize / type Purchase Price Loss Payment Purchase Completion Date
SW2 2QN 3B flat £350,000.00 £26,250.00 15-Mar-16
SW2 2QG 2B house £385,000.00 £28,875.00 05-May-16
SW2 2QE 2B flat £390,000.00 £39,000.00 07-Oct-16
SW2 2QN 1B flat £255,000.00 £19,125.00 20-Oct-16
SW2 2QG 2B house £390,000.00 £39,000.00 16-Nov-16
SW2 2QE 2B house £390,000.00 £29,250.00 22-Nov-16
SW2 2NN 3B flat £385,000.00 £28,875.00 06-Dec-16
SW8 3LP 1B flat £290,000.00 £29,000.00 16-Dec-16
SW2 2NH 1B flat £275,000.00 £27,500.00 19-Jan-17
SW2 2QG 2B flat £375,000.00 £28,125.00 03-Feb-17
SW2 2NG 1B flat £307,500.00 £23,062.50 16-Feb-17
SW9 9NL 2B maisonette £355,000.00 £35,500.00 17-Feb-17
SW2 2NN 2B house £400,000.00 £40,000.00 23-Mar-17
SW8 3LJ 3B maisonette £395,000.00 £29,625.00 25-Apr-17
SW2 2NN 2B house £400,000.00 £40,000.00 09-Jun-17
SW8 3LH 3B maisonette £360,000.00 £27,000.00 12-Jun-17
SW9 9NH 2B maisonette £410,000.00 £41,000.00 28-Jun-17
SW2 2QE 3B maisonette £370,000.00 £27,750.00 30-Jun-17
SW8 3LJ 4B maisonette £470,000.00 £47,000.00 08-Aug-17
SW2 2NN 4B house £480,000.00 £36,000.00 18-Aug-17
SW2 2QF 3B maisonette £370,000.00 £37,000.00 25-Aug-17
SW9 9NP 2B maisonette £440,000.00 £44,000.00 30-Aug-17
SE19 1HN 4B maisonette £470,000.00 £47,000.00 31-Aug-17
SE19 1HR 3B maisonette £430,000.00 £43,000.00 18-Oct-17
SW2 2NH 3B maisonette £355,000.00 £35,500.00 18-Oct-17
SE19 1HR 3B maisonette £450,000.00 £33,750.00 20-Oct-17
SW2 2QU 1B flat £310,000.00 £23,250.00 24-Oct-17
SE11 4PA 3B bungalow £585,000.00 £43,875.00 13-Nov-17
SW9 9NQ 4B house £535,000.00 £53,500.00 30-Nov-17
SE19 1ES 3B maisonette £440,000.00 £44,000.00 30-Nov-17
SW9 9NH 2B maisonette £440,000.00 £33,000.00 06-Dec-17
SE19 1EH 3B maisonette £455,000.00 £45,500.00 14-Dec-17
SW9 9NW Studio £300,000.00 £22,500.00 12-Feb-18
SW9 9NG 2B maisonette £390,000.00 £29,250.00 22-Feb-18
SE19 1HR 3B maisonette £425,000.00 £42,500.00 26-Mar-18
SE19 1EL 1B flat £265,000.00 £26,500.00 26-Mar-18
SW8 3LP 1B flat £300,000.00 £30,000.00 30-Apr-18
SW9 9NL 1B flat £345,000.00 £34,500.00 04-May-18
SE19 1EU 3B maisonette £445,000.00 £44,500.00 16-May-18
SW2 2QU 1B flat £300,000.00 £22,500.00 21-May-18
SE19 1EU 3B maisonette £460,000.00 £46,000.00 08-Jun-18
SW9 9NH 1B flat £320,000.00 £32,000.00 12-Jun-18
SE19 1EU 3B maisonette £455,000.00 £45,500.00 20-Jul-18
SW2 2QG 2B house £420,000.00 £31,500.00 31-Jul-18
SW8 3LL 3B maisonette £410,000.00 £41,000.00 01-Aug-18
SE19 1EH 3B Maisonette £450,000.00 £45,000.00 10-Sept-18
SW8 1AF 3B Maisonette £465,000.00 £34,875.00 02-Oct-18
SE19 1ES 3B Maisonette £435,000.00 £32,625.00 15-Oct-18
SE19 1EH 3B Maisonette £480,000.00 £48,000.00 22-Oct-18
SW9 9NN 2B Maisonette £425,000.00 £42,500.00 01-Nov-18
SE19 1EJ 1B Flat £265,000.00 £26,500.00 02-Nov-18
SE19 1EW 3B Maisonette £425,000.00 £42,500.00 12-Dec-18
SW9 9NP 2B Maisonette £420,000.00 £42,000.00 17-Dec-18
SW8 3LP 1B Flat £298,000.00 £29,800.00 18-Dec-18
SW8 3LP Studio £280,000.00 £28,000.00 03-Jan-19
SE19 1ET 3B Maisonette £445,000.00 £44,500.00 18-Jan-19
SE19 1HT 2B Maisonette £425,000.00 £42,500.00 22-Feb-19
SW9 9NR 1B Flat £330,000.00 £33,000.00 22-Feb-19
SW9 9NN 3B Maisonette £470,000.00 £35,250.00 06-Mar-19
SW8 1AE 4B Maisonette £495,000.00 £37,125.00 08-Mar-19
SE19 1DW 3B Maisonette £460,000.00 £46,000.00 12-Mar-19
SW8 3LP 1B Flat £295,000.00 £22,125.00 12-Mar-19
SE19 1EL 1B Flat £270,000.00 £27,000.00 14-Mar-19
SE19 1EN 1B Flat £280,000.00 £28,000.00 19-Mar-19
SW2 2QU 1B Flat £310,000.00 £0.00 20-Mar-19
SE19 1EY 1B Flat £275,000.00 £27,500.00 21-Mar-19
SE19 1EU 3B Maisonette £465,000.00 £34,875.00 28-Mar-19
SE19 1EP 3B Maisonette £430,000.00 £32,250.00 29-Mar-19
SE19 1EJ 1B Flat £260,000.00 £19,500.00 02-Apr-19
SE19 1HT 3B Maisonette £455,000.00 £45,500.00 15-Apr-19
SE19 1ER 3B Maisonette £415,000.00 £41,500.00 15-Apr-19
SE19 1HR 3B Maisonette £425,000.00 £42,500.00 16-Apr-19
SE19 1HT 3B Maisonette £460,000.00 £46,000.00 17-Apr-19
SE19 1ER 3B Maisonette  £435,000.00 £43,500.00 18-Apr-19
SW9 9NG 2B Maisonette £430,000.00 £43,000.00 02-May-19
SE19 1HT 3B Maisonette £460,000.00 £46,000.00 03-05-19 
SE19 1EH 3B Maisonette £470,000.00 £47,000.00 17-05-19
SE19 1DW 3B Maisonette £475,000.00 £47,500.00 30-05-19
SW2 2QN 3B Maisonette £380,000.00 £28,500.00 04-06-19
SW8 1AD 3B Maisonette £480,000.00 £36,000.00 14-06-19
SW9 9NN 1B Flat
SW8 3LH 3B Maisonette £470,000.00 £35,250.00 25-06-2019
SW9 9NS 2B Maisonette £445,000.00 £33,375.00 26-06-2019
SE19 1EU 3B Maisonette £400,000.00 £40,000.00 11-07-2019
SW8 3LP 1B Flat £300,000.00 £30,000.00 17-07-2019
SW9 9NN 2B Maisonette £420,000.00 £31,500.00 24-07-2019
SE19 1HT 3B Maisonette £450,000.00 £45,000.00 01-08-2019
SE19 1EH 3B Maisonette £435,000.00 £43,500.00 06-08-2019
SE19 1EZ 1B Flat £270,000.00 £27,000.00 06-08-2019
SW8 3LH 3B Maisonette £440,000.00 £44,000.00 14-08-2019
SE19 1DT 1B Flat £260,000.00 £19,500.00 16-08-2019
SE19 1HS 4B Maisonette £410,000.00 £41,000.00 16-08-2019
SW8 1AF 4B Maisonette £480,000.00 £48,000.00 22-08-2019
SE19 1EY 1B Flat £265,000.00 £26,500.00 30-08-2019
SE19 1AB 2B Flat £310,000.00 £31,000.00 02-09-2019
SE19 1EP 3B Maisonette £410,000.00 £41,000.00 19-09-2019
SW9 9NN 2B Maisonette £440,000.00 £44,000.00 25-09-2019
SW9 9NH 2B Maisonette £400,000.00 £30,000.00 26-09-2019
SE19 1DW 4B Maisonette £460,000.00 £34,500.00 04/10/2019
SE19 1EH 3B Maisonette £425,000.00 £31,875.00 04-10-2019
SW2 2QE 3B Maisonette £380,000.00 £38,000.00 07-10-2019
SW8 1AE 3B Flat £390,000.00 £29,250.00 10-10-2019
SE19 1DT 3B Flat £387,500.00 £38,750.00 11-10-2019
SE19 1EH 3B Maisonette £425,000.00 £31,875.00 11-10-2019
SE19 1DT 3B Flat £372,500.00 £37,250.00 22-10-2019
SE19 1EZ 1B Flat £280,000.00 £28,000.00 25-10-2019
SW9 9NH 2B Flat £430,000.00 £43,000.00 25-10-2019
SW9 9NS 2B Maisonette £445,000.00 £44,500.00 25-10-2019
SE19 1HS 1B Flat £240,000.00 £18,000.00 31-10-2019
SE19 1EP 3B Maisonette £415,000.00 £31,125.00 01-11-2019
SE19 1HS 4B House £430,000.00 £43,000.00 01-11-2019
SW2 2NN 1B Flat  £335,000.00 £25,125.00 06-11-2019
SW9 9NG 2B Flat £440,000.00 £33,000.00 10-11-2019
SW9 9NQ 1B Flat £335,000.00 £33,500.00 10-11-2019
SE19 1EY 1B Flat £235,000.00 £17,625.00 12-11-2019
SW8 1AQ 3B Flat £460,000.00 £34,500.00 14-11-2019
SW8 3LH 3B Maisonette £470,000.00 £47,000.00 15-11-2019
SE19 1EH 3B Maisonette £365,000.00 £27,375.00 26-11-2019
SW9 9NH 2B Maisonette £422,500.00 £31,687.50 27-11-2019
SW9 8NE 3B Maisonette £445,000.00 £33,375.00 05-12-2019
SW9 9NP 3B Flat £470,000.00 £35,250.00 16-12-2019
SW8 3LH 4B Maisonette £467,500.00 £46,750.00 20-12-2019
SW9 9NP 2B Maisonette £445,000.00 £44,500.00 17-01-2020
SW2 2QG 2B Flat £405,000.00 £40,500.00 07-02-2020
SW9 9NH 2B Flat £457,500.00 £45,750.00 10-02-2020
SW8 3LL 3B Maisonette £435,000.00 £43,500.00 11-02-2020
SW9 9NN 3B Flat £480,000.00 £48,000.00 12-02-2020
SE19 1HE 1B Flat £240,000.00 £24,000.00 21-02-2020
SE19 1HE 4B House £430,000.00 £43,000.00 27-02-2020
SW8 3LH 3B Maisonette £450,000.00 £33,750.00 04-03-2020
SW8 3LH 3B Maisonette £425,000.00 £0.00 11-03-2020
SW9 9NQ 5B House £790,000.00 £79,000.00 12-03-2020
SW9 9NW 1B Flat £285,000.00 £21,375.00 20-03-2020
SW8 3LL 3B Maisonette £440,000.00 £44,000.00 08-04-2020
SW9 9NH 2B Flat £430,000.00 £0.00 24-04-2020
SW9 9NG 4B House £565,000.00 £56,500.00 27-04-2020
SE19 1EU 2B Flat £390,000.00 £29,250.00 04-05-2020
SW9 9NG 2 £420,000.00   27/05/2020
SW8 3LL 1 £285,000.00   29/05/2020
SW8 1AQ 3 £420,000.00   04/06/2020
SE19 1EZ 1 £250,000.00   05/06/2020
SW9 9NF 1 £300,000.00   18/06/2020
SW8 3DT 2 & 2 £740,000.00   18/06/2020
SW8 3LL 1 £305,000.00   10/07/2020
SW8 3LH 3 £450,000.00   21/08/2020
SW2 2QY 4 £450,000.00   24/08/2020
SW8 1AQ 3 £390,000.00   25/08/2020
SW9 9NH 2 £427,500.00   01/09/2020
SE19 1EN 1 £204,000.00   03/09/2020
SW9 9NE 3 £435,000.00   17/09/2020
SW8 1AQ 3 £445,000.00   25/09/2020
SE19 1ET 3 £395,000.00   16/10/2020
SW9 9NL 2 £425,000.00   21/10/2020
SW8 1AF 3 £415,000.00   23/10/2020
SE19 1ES 3 £390,000.00   30/10/2020


Other homeowners have asked us how much their own property may be worth. The table below shows the purchase price agreed with the owners for your information, together with the size and also the loss payment. It does not include information about the disturbance payments made to homeowners and other fees and charges paid for by the council. Please note that you should consider these figures as an indication only of the value of your own property; the value of properties will depend on their characteristics eg size, location, condition and can change over time.

How has the council arrived at the valuations it is quoting on the estate regeneration website?


To read the report which provides the basis of these values, please click here.

What is a Demolition Notice?


A Demolition Notice is used to tell residents that the council is planning to demolish their home in the future. It also explains why this is necessary - in this case to build the more and better homes the borough needs and to confirm legally the November Cabinet decision to partially regenerate the estate. Demolition Notices are issued in two stages:

  • Initial Demolition Notices are issued to residents when the local authority is planning to demolish their property within the next seven years but has not yet established when this will happen. It does not mean that demolition work is about to start.
  • Final Demolition Notices are issued to residents when the local authority has set a date for the demolition to happen. This notice can only be issued after planning permission has been granted. No demolition can happen until this Notice is issued.

Will it cost more to live in a new home on the estate?


New homes will be more environmentally efficient than existing homes and therefore more cost effective to run with more efficient heating and hot water systems, improved insulation, all of which will contribute to lower costs of running the home. Being newly built homes, there will be much lower levels of capital expenditure required on the properties for many years.

There is, however, a possibility that the Council Tax will be higher than for existing homes on the estates. The council cannot guarantee that monthly outgoings will be lower, but we fully expect them to be. For tenants, rents will still be set in exactly the same way as council rents. As you will be living in a newer property with a higher value, your rent could increase as council level rents are in part calculated using the value of the property itself.

Any increase in rents will be phased in over 5 years and you would still be able to apply for Housing Benefit to cover the rent. There is more information in the council’s Key Guarantees.

Which valuers have been used by home owners to carry out their own valuation during the purchase of their home by the council?


Below is a list of valuers who have carried out the necessary valuation work for homeowners. These are not the only valuers capable of carrying out the valuations, and details are given below of how you can find others. Their contact details are taken from the ‘find a surveyor’ service on the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) website:

Alan Shaw And Associates
020 8209 1341
[email protected]

Aston James Associates
0208 771 5035
[email protected]

Edward Payne & Veness
020 8680 8545
Fax: 020 8681 5191
[email protected]

Mortimer & Carey Ltd
020 8309 5524
Fax: 020 8309 5049
[email protected]

Resolution Property Surveyors
0782 444 1673
[email protected]

Sawyer Fielding Limited
020 3011 5300
[email protected]

Selectsurv Ltd
0203 633 3155
[email protected]

SW17 Surveyors Ltd
0208 355 3486
[email protected]

Taylor Williams Daley Ltd
01306 740158
Fax: 01306 876533
[email protected]

Walter G Elms
020 8671 8222
Fax: 020 8678 6166
[email protected]

By providing this list we, the council, are neither recommending or endorsing these valuers. This is simply a list of valuers who have been used by other homeowners in the buy-back programme. It is up to homeowners to pick a valuer, who need to be RICS registered and have knowledge of the local market. You can find a list of RICS registered valuers on the link below:


There is more information on arranging your own valuation and being reimbursed for the reasonable costs in a booklet which you can download from here.

This page was last updated on 28 November 2018 and other valuers may have carried out work since that date but they won’t be listed here. This page is updated on a periodic basis. 

What are the remuneration scales at Homes for Lambeth?


Please see below our remuneration scales and structure as of June 2020.

Company Structure

Remuneration Scales  

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