Fenwick Development Management Team exhibition

The Council is taking forward plans for the future of Fenwick Estate to provide more and better homes for the borough. The next step is to select a development management team that will develop detailed plans for the estate and we want residents to be involved in selecting that team. There are four short-listed development management teams; the Council with the help of residents needs to select one.

Development Management Team Exhibition:

We will shortly be holding an exhibition , where the prospective development management teams will be present and will have displays to tell you who they are, what they have done in the past (their experience and track-record) and their approach to engaging with residents on the estate. By coming along to the exhibition, residents will be able to meet and quiz the prospective teams and have their say by scoring the different teams. Only one team will be selected, so resident feedback is really important.


When: Saturday 1st October 2016: 10.30am-2.30pmpm

Where: Fenwick Hall, Fenwick Estate

For further exhibition details, please click here.

What is a Development Management Team?

Development management teams are consultants with a wide variety of technical skills, who have the expertise to create deliverable and viable designs for the future estate. They will design the estate in collaboration with residents.Their work will include:

• Gathering initial survey information about the estate

• Developing initial design proposals and masterplan options

• Testing masterplan design proposals

• Developing a planning application

• If successful planning approval is achieved they will plan and oversee the delivery of the new homes

• Managing the construction

Exhibition Booklet

Before the exhibition takes place, a booklet will be sent to residents with more information on the process and information from the different development management teams who will be presenting. Residents may find it helpful to look through this booklet before coming along to the exhibition. The read through the booklet online, please click here.

Want more information?

If you have any questions about the Development Management team exhibition or the regeneration of Fenwick Estate, please contact us using the details below:

Phone: 0207 926 3607

Email: [email protected]




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