How are current residents been looked after?


No one underestimates the stress that rebuilding an estate could potentially cause for current residents. We want to give residents living on estates that will be rebuilt all the information and support that they need to make the best choices about their and their families futures. As a part of this Lambeth Council published the Key Guarantees for both secure tenants and homeowners. 

These mean that: 

  • Every secure tenant will be able to move to a brand-new home at council level rent 
  • Affordable options will be provided to assist resident homeowners in staying on the Estate 

You can find more information on the Key Guarantees by clicking here. 
In addition, in line with the original cabinet decision to rebuild the South Lambeth estate, the council will develop a local lettings plan. This will support the implementation of our Key Guarantees. 

The first blocks from South Lambeth Estate to be decanted in order to move into Block A will be Broadstone and Sturminster. If residents do not want to move into the new Block A and would prefer to move out of the Estate, they will need to complete a transfer application and bid for properties off of the Estate. In such instance that a resident is vulnerable and living on the top floor, and looking to be transferred into a more suitable property, they should contact the decant officer for South Lambeth via dbr[email protected] 

Homeowners can contact Luke Kelly on 07507892020 or email [email protected]. Resident homeowners will also be able to move into the shared ownership homes in Block A under the Key Guarantees as well. 

Vulnerable residents can also request for their circumstances to be considered through a Mitigation Panel hearing. They can do this by contacting Guy Sanderson via [email protected]. 

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