How is information sent out to residents living in the low-rise blocks on the estate?


Information is sent out to residents across the estate in a number of ways. These include: 

  • All estate newsletters (post) 
  • All estate letters (post) 
  • Regular e-bulletins (emailed) 
  • Posters in the stairwells  
  • Posters on the way into Wimborne House  
  • Regular updates to the South Lambeth pages on the engagement website 
  • Information sent directly to the Tenants and Residents Association 
  • Information sent directly to members of the Residents Engagement Panel 

Only when information is specific to a particular block, is a more targeted response considered. Both the council and Homes for Lambeth have listened to residents’ views on this and will narrow the circumstances where targeting block specific mailings are considered, for example when works would only impact those residents. 

 At the moment both Homes for Lambeth and the council are looking at improving the notice boards on the estate and a new one has been added on Dorset Road and to the entranceway to Wimborne House 

The Fire Risk Assessment for Wimborne House can be seen by clicking here. 

The most recent dust and noise reports can be seen by clicking hereThe monitors on site are set to issue automatic alerts in the instance of an exceedance of the trigger levels. Upon receipt of an alert project staff will review the works that were taking place at the time of the exceedance and adjust the methodology in an effort to reduce the levels moving forwards.

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