How were residents involved in selecting the winner?


Residents on the South Lambeth Estate, Knights Walk and the Westbury Estate were involved through design and development team exhibitions and as part of the interview panel for each team – which included members of the local Resident Engagement Panels. The consortium led by Tibbalds CampbellReith Multidisciplinary Joint Venture scored the highest marks for quality in their bids and were ranked the highest by residents who attended the interviews. 

For each exhibition, a booklet was sent to every resident on the 3 estates inviting them to question and score the competing teams at specific events. The booklet contained information on each of the competing teams and how their involvement would influence the outcome. At each exhibition, all of the teams had an opportunity to present their case directly and were then scored against a range of criteria.

After each exhibition, separate interviews were held with members of each Resident Engagement Panel along with Council officers. All the scores from the exhibition, the bids supplied by each team and the interviews were calculated and the winning team was selected accordingly.

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