I have a garden and I want a garden for my new home; will I get a “like for like” property?


As set out in the Key Guarantees, the council has committed that secure tenants will be offered homes sized according to their housing need (see Key Guarantee 2) and homeowners will be offered homes of the same number of bedrooms as they currently have. All other characteristics of new homes (whether they have gardens or not, on what floor they are, etc.) will be developed through the masterplanning process. The allocation of new homes will be done through the Local Allocations Strategy. Residents will have the opportunity to influence both the masterplanning process and the LAS for their estate. Residents will also be able to express preferences through the Housing Needs Assessment process that takes place at the beginning of the masterplanning process. Every new home will have outdoor amenity space (balcony, garden or terrace).

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