Independent Advice for Residents affected by Estate Regeneration

The council has committed through the Key Guarantees to provide residents with information and advice to help them through the process of moving home.

The following financial and legal advice is offered:


The council will pay for the conveyancing costs for homeowners (legal and valuation), where the council is purchasing their home from them either to acquire their property or to swap the value of their existing home into a newly built property. Where applicable conveyancing costs will also be paid for the purchase of a replacement property.

Independent Advisers

Independent Advisers are retained on each estate regeneration estate.  These Independent Advisers are experts in housing and the estate regeneration process and are able to advise residents on what residents can expect to take place, how they can seek more specialist assistance and help them prepare for changes that will affect them. From a legal perspective, these Independent Advisers are able to advise on the regulatory and legislative frameworks that apply to all tenants or freeholders/leaseholders regardless of their personal situations. The council has committed to retain the Independent Advisers throughout the life of an estate regeneration project.

Financial Advisers 

The Housing Regeneration team have identified three financial advisers who are experts in the affordable housing mortgage market.  Any homeowner is able to have a one-off (paid for by the council) consultation with one of these financial advisers to explore their personal financial situation and how this might be impacted by estate regeneration. Legal Advice on Future Tenancies and Leases.  The council has instigated a process whereby residents have indirect access to legal advice through the Independent Advisers, to enable residents to have an input into the development of the future Homes for Lambeth tenancies and leases (see next below).


In addition to the above forms of advice, the council will maintain communication with residents throughout the life of regeneration projects on matters such as the regeneration process and how it will affect residents and provide advice and support to those seeking to be rehoused either elsewhere in Lambeth or outside the Borough.

Additional specific and bespoke advice and support will be provided to vulnerable residents and those with special needs.

Legal Advice on Future Tenancies and Leases

The following process has been put in place to enable tenants and leaseholders to have an input into the future Homes for Lambeth tenancies and leases.

The following process has been put in place to enable tenants and leaseholders to have an input into the future Homes for Lambeth tenancies and leases.


  1. The Independent Advisers across the six estates have committed to holding workshops with tenants and leaseholders to find out from them what their concerns and questions are around the future Homes for Lambeth tenancies and leases.
  2. An independent lawyer will be identified by the Independent Advisers (in consultation with the council to ensure no conflicts of interest).
  3. The Independent Advisers will collate the output of the workshops with residents from all six estates and hold a workshop with the selected independent lawyer with a view to putting all the issues and questions into a position paper to be presented to the council.
  4. When this position paper has been received, the council will take it into consideration during the drafting of Homes for Lambeth tenancies and leases. 
  5. When the council has completed the draft tenancies and leases, it will commence a formal consultation process.  Included with this consultation will be a response to the Position Paper that has been prepared by the Independent Advisers and their selected legal advisers.
  6. The council and Independent Advisers will engage with residents for a defined period of time on the proposed new tenancies and leases.
  7. Further to such engagement, further amendments may be made to the tenancies and leases
  8. The tenancies and leases will be adopted. Once a resident has signed a lease or an assured lifetime tenancy, then they become a contract between parties and cannot be amended without the agreement of the tenant or leaseholder.


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