Knight's Walk Public Drop In

Earlier this week we held a Public Drop in session for neighbours of Knight's Walk to see the developing designs.

The Development Management Team presented working designs and information that has been shared with residents at REP meetings and in newsletters since our last public event in November 2016. 
You can see the boards here

The event was attended by 40 neighbours and residents and overall people were positive about the direction the designs are developing towards. Many commented that the height and appearance is much better than they expected. 

Key things that people liked:

  • The facade on Kennington Lane blends in well with the surrounding area
  • The new square in the heart of Knight’s Walk with the community space
  • Lovely routes through Knight's Walk and new defined entrances
  • The colour of the brick is nice, bright and doesn’t stand out
  • The height compared to the bungalows is better than expected
  • The material change on the ground floor to match the bungalows
  • The balconies and the brick are lovely and give a residential feel
  • The communal gardens and green squares 
  • The way that the buildings step back and are pushed away from the bungalows

Things that people were concerned and wanted to know more about:

  • How the outdoor spaces and landscape design will be maintained
  • How rubbish and pests will be avoided in the new outdoor spaces
  • What types of trees will be planted
  • The effects of new routes through Dryden court
  • The construction process and what roads will be affected
  • Access to the new homes and deliveries etc. 
  • Sunlight impact on the neighbouring buildings
  • The increase in parking for the new homes 

The next public exhibition will be in April 2017 and we will be showing developments of the designs according to your feedback and the Residents’ Brief priorities.

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