Land acquisition strategy

Lambeth Council is planning to rebuild six housing estates in order to provide better homes for existing residents and more homes for those waiting on our housing lists. The six estates that the council is planning to rebuild are:

  • Central Hill
  • Cressingham Gardens
  • Fenwick
  • Knight’s Walk
  • South Lambeth
  • Westbury

In order to deliver these projects, the council will need to acquire certain land interests, including resident and non-resident homeowners (both leasehold and freehold), certain commercial interests that are particular to each estate and certain other interests such as rights of way.
The council has adopted the Key Guarantees, which give affordable options to allow resident homeowners to move to a new home on the rebuilt estate by allowing them to swap the value or equity of their existing home into to help them buy a new home or a share in a new home.

This Land Acquisition Strategy sets out how the council will actively attempt to acquire all interests by agreement on reasonable terms. The council’s preference is to reach mutually beneficial agreements in line with the Key Guarantees, with compulsory purchase intended to be used as a measure of last resort.

This strategy represents an evolving document, which will be revised as and when further relevant information comes available. At this time, this strategy is tailored to support the leading estates, South Lambeth and Westbury. No compulsory purchase order (CPO) is required on Knight’s Walk, as the council has already acquired all the interests required. This strategy will be revised to cater for each of the other estates as and when required.

You can read the full strategy here.

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