What is the Life Time Assured Tenancy agreement?


The new HfL tenancy agreement is based upon, and is very similar, to the tenancy agreement currently used for Lambeth Council tenants. It also includes a contractual Right to Buy.

The tenancy agreement covers your rights and responsibilities on areas including:-

  • Paying rent and other charges

Rent will be set in exactly the same way as council rents. You will be responsible for paying water bills directly to Thames Water. Repairs what you are responsible for, and what HfL is responsible for.

  • Decoration

Generally, internal decoration is a tenant's responsibility, although we will help elderly or other vulnerable tenants.

  • Cleaning

You must keep the inside of your home tidy. HfL will look after the communal areas.

  • Gardens / outside space

You must look after any garden, yard and balcony, and keep them free of rubbish. These areas form part of the property. Insurance HfL will insure the structure of the building against certain risks, together with our fixtures and fittings, but you should arrange your own contents insurance.

  • Making alterations

You are not allowed to alter the outside of your home, such as putting up a satellite dish or fixing security grills.

  • Your Right to Buy your home

We're adding a contractual Right to Buy which will provide an equivalent right to the one you currently have.

  • HfL's right to enter your property

You must let officers and contractors in to carry out repairs.

  • Use of your home

You must live in your property as your only or principal home; if not we’ll take legal action to recover possession. You can only run a business from your home with our permission.

  • Succession (passing your tenancy on when you die)

The tenancy allows for succession to partners (married or unmarried) and to children who have lived with you for 12 months prior to your death.

  • Pets

You need written permission to have a dog. You must microchip your dog.

  • Not causing a nuisance

The tenancy lists various things you shouldn't do which could cause a nuisance to your neighbours.

  • Ending your tenancy

If you want to end your tenancy you must give us four weeks written notice. If HfL needs to bring your tenancy to an end, such as if you don’t pay the rent, it will need to apply to a court for possession.

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