Please clarify what will happen in the case that I am required to move temporarily to enable estate regeneration


The arrangements for double moves would differ for tenants and homeowners. In the case of tenants, the council will make a second home loss payment if a tenant is asked by the council/Homes for Lambeth to move more than once AND if they must live in a temporary home for more than 12 months. This additional payment will not be made if a tenant is offered a suitable permanent home that meets their housing needs and then chooses to move a second time to an alternative home. Disturbance payments would, however, be paid for each move. If a homeowner is asked by the council/ Homes for Lambeth to move more than once, then they will only be offered one home loss payment (linked to the value of their original home); they would, however, not have to pay rent for the duration of their temporary move; but they would have to pay service charges. If at any time a homeowner is offered a suitable home, but does not want this to be their final home, then they would have to pay rent and service charges in any temporary home until they moved to their final home; Homes for Lambeth would, however, pay reasonable disturbance payments for the subsequent move. 

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