Please clarify what will happen in the case that I am required to move temporarily to enable estate regeneration


The details of this are still being developed.  What we can tell you now is as follows. You will not be required to move temporarily off your estate; there is a chance that the council/Homes for Lambeth seeks volunteers for such a temporary move away from the estate, where any compensation would be agreed at the time. 


The council/Homes for Lambeth will be phasing projects so as to make sure that everyone who wishes to can remain on their estate throughout a regeneration project.  There are, however, two scenarios whereby you might be required to move temporarily within your estate:

A) You may be asked to move into an existing property that has become empty.  The council will make sure that the property is suitable for you and in a fit condition.  If you are asked to move, then you will get your home loss payment and full disturbance payments on the first move.  When you move from the temporary home to your new built home, then you would again receive disturbance payments, but no home loss payment.  You would be provided a secure tenancy for the temporary home and would have to pay the same rent on it as you currently pay.

B) You may be asked to move temporarily into a newly built home, but for whatever reason it is not your final home.  The same would apply (as above A.) in terms of home loss and disturbance payments.  You would be provided with an assured shorthold tenancy in the temporary home together with a legal commitment to provide you with an assured lifetime tenancy in your final home.  You would have to pay rent on this temporary home, which would not be more than the predicted rent for your final home.  You will be informed prior to the move whether there may be an option to remain in the temporary home, if you find that you like living there.

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