South Lambeth Estate Newsletter - December 2018

The Development Management Team have published Newsletter #31 for South Lambeth Estate and it is available to read here.


Hello and welcome to this month’s newsletter.

 Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO):

You would have received a letter regarding the upcoming process. As part of the process of rebuilding of your estate the

council needs a Compulsory Purchase Order. Securing a CPO gives the council the legal right to buy all land on the estate so

that the rebuilding can go ahead. A CPO does not change your rights under the Key Guarantees.

As a Leaseholder in the low rise blocks (Broadstone, Sturminster, Osmington, Verwood, and Swanage) you would have now

received your offer letter. To discuss this further please contact  [email protected] or  0207 926 5039.

As we move forward with the CPO we will continue to talk to you about your rights under the Key Guarantees to stay living on

the rebuilt estate in a new home and how Homes for Lambeth will implement these commitments. You can find more details of

the Key Guarantees at:

If, however, you want to use your rights under the Key Guarantees and move away from South Lambeth Estate then, in such

case, we now wish to commence negotiations on reaching a settlement with you for the purchase of your property and will

support you in acquiring alternative accommodation.

A draft report seeking a resolution to progress with a Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO) to support the partial rebuilding of the

South Lambeth Estate. The draft report is to be presented to Cabinet in December 2018.

Occupational Therapists (OT):

If you are a Wimborne House resident who may affected by the impending major works to the ground floor. If you feel like

these works will affect you please contact by email  [email protected] or phone  0207 926 5039.

Drop -in Sessions:

As usual we are still holding our weekly drop-ins at 2 Broadstone House on Tuesdays from 3.30-6pm. The 18th December will

be the final drop in of the year and we will have some festive goodies, so please pop in and say hi! The next drop in will be on

the 8th January 2019.

Appointment of the contractor for Block A:

The tender information has been uploaded onto the online portal for the contractors to give us a cost to do the work. Their

tender information is due back late January and will then be assessed. One of the questions asks how they will deal with

residents who live on and around the estate. Your REP will be marking this question as part of the process. Should you have

any questions or concerns please get in touch.

Wimborne House Ground Floor And Community Room Works

As you will be aware, works are currently planned to Wimborne House ground floor and the Community Room. These works

if not delayed will commence in January 2019 Management of these works will be undertaken by the Council’s Capital Works

Team, who are currently in the process of tendering for a build contractor to deliver these planned works. More information to

follow in next months newsletter

We hope you enjoy the holiday season and we wish you a wonderful entrance into 2019!


On behalf of your Regeneration team

Tel:020 7926 5039 Email:[email protected]


Hi folks,

I hope you are well and looking forward to the up-coming holidays.

New TRA for the lower blocks

You may have received a leaflet from local resident Mutiat requesting support from neighbours willing to get involved in a new tenants and residents association (TRA) for the lower blocks at Sturminster, Broadstone,Verwood, Swanage and Osmington.

• TRA’s are useful and can help if you are;

• having problems in your area with antisocial behaviour

• looking for funding to improve to promote community activity or improve where you live, but most importantly;

• if you feel your landlord isn’t listening to your views

Mutiat and Tpas knocked on doors on Saturday 1st December and received a positive response from residents willing to set up the new committee or happy to be on a mailing list.It doesn’t matter if you are a home owner or a secure resident, remember, you have the right to have a say about where you live and a TRA is a great way to do it.If you would like to get involved or know more, please contact Mutiat on her email at [email protected]


The Council recently wrote to leaseholders about the CPO process and since then a few homeowners have been

in touch with us asking for advice and support.

If you have any concerns in this matter, as your Independent Adviser you can call, email or if you prefer, request a

home visit from Tpas at your convenience.


Please remember that the weekly Tuesday drop-in at No.2 Broadstone House will also make sure that residents

are kept updated about the regeneration. As the days grow shorter, drop-in times are now re-scheduled from

3.30pm – 6pm.The last Drop-in for the year will be Tuesday 18th December and the first for 2019 will be Tuesday 8th January.


We wish you and your families the very best over the Christmas break. Keep well and keep safe!

Best wishes for the season,


Independent Adviser (TPAS)

Email: [email protected] Mob: 0744 582 3726


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