South Lambeth Estate Newsletter -June 2018

The Development Management Team have published Newsletter 26 for South Lambeth and it can be read here. 


Welcome to our June newsletter, 

Homes for Lambeth Tenant and Resident Association (TRA) 

As you should all now be aware, residents of the low rise blocks (Broadstone, Osmington, Sturminster, Swanage, and Verwood House) will become Homes for Lambeth tenants and residents. In anticipation of this change we are keen to hear from existing residents that may be interested in setting up a new TRA. If you live in any of the low rise blocks and would like to get involved in the future running of the new estate please get in touch by email, phone or pop in to the Tuesday drop in to see us.

112-114 Dorset Road 

Now that 112-114 is vacant, we plan to use this building as a social enterprise space that will enable local community groups and activity providers to benefit from affordable space. It will also enable us to more effectively engage with residents in relation to our regeneration proposals. We are currently preparing a change of use planning application for this unit and we will shortly be submitting an application in this regard to the council’s planning department. 

Coffee Afternoon/ Drop -in Sessions 

We will be holding a Coffee Afternoon on Tuesday 26th June at the drop-in, which will be attended by Decant Officer Dionne Breedy-Anderson. Dionne will be on hand to answer any secure tenant questions around transferring off the estate. 

As usual we are still holding our weekly drop-ins at 2 Broadstone House on Tuesdays from 3.30-6.30pm. 


On behalf of your regeneration team. 

Tel:020 7926 5039 Email: s[email protected] 


Look Twice have managed to secure a football pitch for their coaching. They will take place from the 28th June at 5pm and then every Thursday following. . 

It will take place on the Mursell Estate Football Pitch, Hampson Way, SW8 1HR. 

For more information please contact look twice on [email protected] 


Thanks to everyone who joined us on the 5th and 12th June to help paint the bird boxes, they were really fun afternoons. 

We still have a couple bird boxes to paint so if you fancy popping in one Tuesday afternoon to join us then please do! We are there between 3.30-6.30 pm. 

Now that the paint is dry on the bird boxes we will start putting them up around the estate! It would be great if you could help us with this as well, we will put some dates up around the estate so please keep your eyes peeled. 

For those of you that planted the sun flower seeds it would great to see progress pictures and see who gets the tallest one!! 

We will be doing more fun workshops over the coming months, look out for posters around the estate. 


As you know there will be some works planned to the bottom of Wimborne House, they are; • The new community room (where the existing caretakers room is) • Adding another entrance/exit where the bin stores are This work should start before any building works on block (A) on Dorset road. This should start in the Autumn of this year, once further design work has happened. We will let you know further details and the detailed designs before works start, but if you want to find out anything please get in touch or pop into 2 Broadstone House on a Tuesday between 3.30-6.30pm.


Hello everyone, 

I hope you are make the most of this fantastic weather whilst it lasts! 

Homeowner Meetings held in April 

As your Independent Advisor I wanted to take this opportunity to write to you and provide an update on recent activity aimed specifically at resident homeowners. 

On 16th and 17th April, workshops were organised and chaired by Dreenagh Lyle and Francesco Curcurturo, local leaseholders, who felt it vital that resident homeowners had a clear understanding of how their leases might be affected by the regeneration and what options might be open to them under the Key Guarantees. 

Council officers met with residents to respond to a range of questions about the changes to South Lambeth and the meetings gave residents the opportunity to express any concerns they had about the future. 

I would like to thank Dreenagh and Francesco for the time and effort taken out of their busy lives to make these meetings happen. 

Notes of the meetings will be sent to all resident homeowners in the next few days. 

Thursday 14 June marks the one year anniversary of the Grenfell Tower fire. 

Throughout the week Londoners gathered in memory of the 72 people who lost their lives. On Thursday 14th June a series of events were held in the local community in honour and memory of those that died, in support of those who lost loved ones, and in solidarity with those who survived. 

The ‘Green for Grenfell’ show of solidarity included at least 12 buildings illuminated from 54 minutes past midnight - the time the deadly fire started, “in a light of love and solidarity with the victims and survivors of the Grenfell Tower fire one year ago”. 

I am sure you will join me in wishing the Grenfell community the very best as they move onto another chapter in their lives. 

Respectfully yours, 


Independent Advisor (Tpas) 

Email: [email protected] 

Mobile: 07445 823 726 

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