South Lambeth FAQs - Updated 09 04 2021

What is being built between Wimborne House and Dorset Road?


A: This is the first phase of the rebuilding of the South Lambeth estate. This is currently due for completion in September 2022. The block will contain 30 homes spread over six floors. These homes will be 100% affordable.   

In 2021 our standard working hours on-site will be from 8 am to 6 pm, Monday to Friday and 8 am to 1 pm, Saturday if required. Occasionally it may be necessary to work outside of these hours, and wherever possible we will notify neighbouring residents.  

The Construction and Environmental Management Plan can be found by clicking here. 

If residents have any concerns about the construction works for Block A, you can contact Hill resident and community liaison team by phoning 0800 032 6760 (freephone) or emailing:  [email protected] 

The timeline for the building for block A can be seen below: 


Who is managing the works at Wimborne House?


Homes for Lambeth are on site regularly to oversee the Hill contract and it made sense to take advantage of his regular presence around Wimborne House to bring a renewed focus to the progression of Engie works. Homes for Lambeth is hopeful that the Engie works to the rear of Wimborne House will be completed in July. We will update residents regularly on this.

There are benefits to having one management team looking after both sites, not least as there is a more regular on-site presence.  

How are current residents been looked after?


No one underestimates the stress that rebuilding an estate could potentially cause for current residents. We want to give residents living on estates that will be rebuilt all the information and support that they need to make the best choices about their and their families futures. As a part of this Lambeth Council published the Key Guarantees for both secure tenants and homeowners. 

These mean that: 

  • Every secure tenant will be able to move to a brand-new home at council level rent 
  • Affordable options will be provided to assist resident homeowners in staying on the Estate 

You can find more information on the Key Guarantees by clicking here. 
In addition, in line with the original cabinet decision to rebuild the South Lambeth estate, the council will develop a local lettings plan. This will support the implementation of our Key Guarantees. 

The first blocks from South Lambeth Estate to be decanted in order to move into Block A will be Broadstone and Sturminster. If residents do not want to move into the new Block A and would prefer to move out of the Estate, they will need to complete a transfer application and bid for properties off of the Estate. In such instance that a resident is vulnerable and living on the top floor, and looking to be transferred into a more suitable property, they should contact the decant officer for South Lambeth via dbr[email protected] 

Homeowners can contact Luke Kelly on 07507892020 or email [email protected]. Resident homeowners will also be able to move into the shared ownership homes in Block A under the Key Guarantees as well. 

Vulnerable residents can also request for their circumstances to be considered through a Mitigation Panel hearing. They can do this by contacting Guy Sanderson via [email protected]. 

What is happening with the water supply to Wimborne House?


Following a report of a ruptured mains pipe, which had leaked due to corrosion, the council’s contractor attended and carried out a repair to the cold-water mains pipe. During the week leading up to Christmas, a second leak was reported under the building. This was unreachable because it was in the concrete foundation of the building. The concern was that the water supply could be lost to the block, so we took the decision to instruct that a temporary supply be installed. 

The councils first concern was to ensure that the cold-water supply was maintained. This was achieved by installing a blue 4-inch plastic pipe as a temporary measure to ensure services were maintained during the Christmas period. 

The councils principal heating engineer personally attended site with the contractor to ascertain the best practical route for the temporary pipe to be run. The two options can be easily demonstrated and the most practical and cost-effective route was chosen. 

If residents would like more information on this, they should contact Guy Sanderson via [email protected] 

How is information sent out to residents living in the low-rise blocks on the estate?


Information is sent out to residents across the estate in a number of ways. These include: 

  • All estate newsletters (post) 
  • All estate letters (post) 
  • Regular e-bulletins (emailed) 
  • Posters in the stairwells  
  • Posters on the way into Wimborne House  
  • Regular updates to the South Lambeth pages on the engagement website 
  • Information sent directly to the Tenants and Residents Association 
  • Information sent directly to members of the Residents Engagement Panel 

Only when information is specific to a particular block, is a more targeted response considered. Both the council and Homes for Lambeth have listened to residents’ views on this and will narrow the circumstances where targeting block specific mailings are considered, for example when works would only impact those residents. 

 At the moment both Homes for Lambeth and the council are looking at improving the notice boards on the estate and a new one has been added on Dorset Road and to the entranceway to Wimborne House 

The Fire Risk Assessment for Wimborne House can be seen by clicking here. 

The most recent dust and noise reports can be seen by clicking hereThe monitors on site are set to issue automatic alerts in the instance of an exceedance of the trigger levels. Upon receipt of an alert project staff will review the works that were taking place at the time of the exceedance and adjust the methodology in an effort to reduce the levels moving forwards.

What are Homes for Lambeth doing to address digital exclusion as some may of its activities are online?


It is unfortunate that currently, social distancing constrains how Howes for Lambeth is engaging and liaising with residents. Like so many organisations, groups and businesses – we cannot wait for a time when face to face activities re-commence. 

We are currently planning to begin use of the Green Shop from 21 June onwards as the final stage of the lockdown conditions are relaxed.  

We anticipate a number of our activities to be delivered locally such as our employability sessions. We can explore face to face sessions such as the drop-ins with the South Lambeth resident engagement officer and independent advisor as well as Your Team events such as repairs and decant workshops. 

Currently, Homes for Lambeth is providing tablets to a number of digitally excluded resident and is about to start distributing internet-enabled handsets via Hubbub to digitally excluded residents on South Lambeth and other estates. Homes for Lambeth has also partnered with Clear Community Web, a Lambeth based organization, to improve residents understanding of how to use the internet. 

As the Green Shop opens, two laptops will be available for residents to book and use. Free WIFI will also be available for residents in the hub as well. 

In addition, A tablet lending scheme was advertised to residents at South Lambeth in the Love Lambeth Magazine, South Lambeth Newsletter and at the Summer roadshow. To date, 12 tablets have been loaned out including two tablets to residents from South Lambeth. Training and support have also been offered to residents joining the scheme. This includes socially distanced doorstep visits where this is viable and the lockdown rules allow.  

We have a regular group of learners that meets every Friday online to develop their digital skills. We are also running a series of workshops on accessing services online.  

If residents would like more information, they can contact Wendy Bohan via [email protected] 

What employment and training opportunities are there for residents?


Homes for Lambeth will be recruiting their second intake of paid Interns this summer. Homes for Lambeth is also planning to recruit six apprentices and six Kickstart trainees during the next financial year. All apprentices and Kickstart trainees will be paid the London Living Wage. 

To maximise the number of successful candidates that are either HFL Homes residents or living in estates that we will rebuild, we advertise these roles in our newsletters and emails to Residents. In addition to this, the Homes for Lambeth Employment team will also provide support to residents to apply for these roles on a one-to-one basis, via our CV and apprenticeship and job workshops. 

In January this year, Homes for Lambeth employed nine apprentices, of which five are Lambeth residents. Last summer, three of our paid interns were residents of the borough. Homes for Lambeth has not offered any unpaid internships and has no plans to do so. 

The Employability Team are also working closely with Contractors and Sub-contractors and Lambeth Council to ensure our Residents benefit from any opportunities that will occur from the redevelopments. This includes apprenticeships with contractors, works shops, training, advertising roles with contractors directly to residents and supporting residents into these roles. 

For more information, residents should contact Eamonn Lorimer via [email protected]

What is Your Team?


Where ‘Your Team’ comes to an estate and engage with residentsYou will be able to receive information and updates on management needs, repairs, general Estate queries and answer your questions in relation to Home Ownership, Transfers, and the new development which Homes for Lambeth will be building on your estate.  

Due to current government guidelines, we are currently unable to meet face to face to face. However, we have done a number of online events and will continue to do these. 

You can see details of the South Lambeth team by clicking here.

You can also see all upcoming events by clicking here.

Who can sit on a Resident Engagement Panel? 


The Resident Engagement Panel Operational Protocol states; 


  1. a) Membership of the panels will vary for different estates. However, the following principles should apply to membership of all Panels: 

(1) Membership of the Panel should be representative of the different groups living on an estate (tenants, resident leaseholders and resident freeholders) and, where applicable, any other key stakeholders. 

(2) The Panel should be represented in proportion to the different tenure groups on the estate; and where a number of representatives of tenants and leaseholders has been agreed, any vacant positions must be filled by a resident from that tenure – ensuring that both tenant and leasehold interests are considered. 

(3) Panels will also consist of councillors, Homes for Lambeth officers and Lambeth Council officers including officers from the estate regeneration team and housing management. 

(4) The Chair of the panel can be one of the local Ward councillors or found from a resident, LBL or HFL REP member or a member representing a community or local  community organisation 

(5) If the Panel identify issues affecting a particular group of residents, the Panel may form sub-groups, with all the interests represented, and invite other residents to participate in such sub-groups. These subgroups should be formed in agreement with all the members of the Panel. Invitations for other attendees should be agreed with Panel members prior to the next meeting. 

(6) Other attendees will be invited to participate in Panel meetings from time-to-time, including consultants working for Homes for Lambeth, other local stakeholders and external advisors in order to make meetings more productive. Invitations for other attendees should be agreed with Panel members.    

In addition, the protocol states that: 

Panel Composition 

  1. b) Panel composition should consist of representation as follows:


To be determined by the estate resident engagement panel 


Council Tenants 

Resident Homeowners 

As needed 

Ward Councillors 

As needed 

Independent Resident Advisers 

As needed 

Homes for Lambeth officers 

As needed 

Lambeth Council officers 

As needed 


As needed 

Other tenure type residents 

How are REP members selected?


The protocol document states: 

Recruitment of resident panel members 

 Reflecting the diversity of South Lambeth Estate, resident members of the REP will support and represent the residents’ voice. 

(a) Encouraging, identifying then recruiting resident members of the REP will be undertaken by all members of the REP and Homes for Lambeth through HfL’s Resident Engagement Officer using regular communications with residents, promoting the opportunity through email bulletins and newsletters and by developing residents interest in the REP across the estate. 

(b) Homes for Lambeth will ensure support is given for childcare or other needs to enable residents to attend meetings. 

(c) Recruitment of resident members (and substitutes) will be ongoing until such time as the panel composition reaches capacity. 

(d) Potential new resident members who have self-identified themselves as interested in becoming a resident panel member to the resident engagement officer will be invited to attend a REP meeting as a guest and observer to learn more about the panel and the role. 

(e) Potential new members will be invited to share a brief statement on why they’d like to become a REP member with other members at a meeting. 

(f) New resident members will be agreed to by the REP and approved by the chair 

 The requirements for resident members are:   

  • To have an interest in representing residents living on South Lambeth Estate  
  • To be a resident on the South Lambeth Estate – this is not limited by tenure type  
  • To have signed the ToR  

What is the role of the REP? 


The Resident Engagement Panel is voluntary. Its role is to advise on thbest way forward on how Homes for Lambeth can engage and disseminate information to South Lambeth residents and ensure data is distributed equally to all residents residing on the estate.For example, newsletters. In this instance, the REP would highlight that the newsletter is not reaching all residents and how we could improve this to ensure all residents are receiving the newsletters and provide feedback. 

The minutes are now taken by an independent minute taker who has no allegiance with Homes for Lambeth or Lambeth Council. 

Resident Engagement Panels are not decision-making bodies within the Homes for Lambeth structure nor are the meetings a forum to review the decisions made to rebuild the estate. However, they have a key role to play in relation to resident engagement.


Who chairs the REPs? 


The chair of the resident engagement panel is expected to emerge from the existing panel membership which is made up of Homes for Lambeth and Lambeth Council officers, Ward members and resident members alongside other relevant community organisations.  

In this way the chair will understand what is required in this position and immersed in the understanding of the estate transformation. 

 Chair qualities and skills: 

  • Understanding of and empathy with the residents of South Lambeth estate 
  • Ability to champion the estate transformations and 
  • Co-create and support the vision for South Lambeth with residents 
  • Good meeting and presentation skills 
  • Supportive and confident chairing style 
  • Commitment to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion 
  • A good communicator able to liaise with people of all backgrounds 

 An expression of interest from a panel member (or from panel members) will be presented to the REP at a REP meeting with members voting for their preferred chair. If voting is tied, then cochairs can be created. 

 The Chair will remain in place for the same period as any resident member (e.g. three years). 

 Also within the protocol; 

  1. Recruitment of resident members (and substitutes) will be ongoing until such time as the panel composition reaches capacity. 
  2. Potential new resident members who have self-identified themselves as interested in becoming a resident panel member to the resident engagement officer, will be invited to attend a REP meeting as a guest and observer to learn more about the panel and the role. 
  3. Potential new members will be invited to share a brief statement on why they’d like to become a REP member with other members at a meeting. 
  4. New resident members will be agreed to by the REP and approved by the chair 

How are REP meetings run?


The Resident Engagement Officer coordinates the agenda. REP members can contribute to the agenda by forwarding their suggestions in advance to be added onto the agenda for the next meeting. 

Following each meeting, minutes are produced in draft by the independent minute taker. They are given to the resident engagement officer to ensure they are a true record of the meetings before being distributed to the rest of the panel for approval. Once approved the minutes are published on the South Lambeth Estate web page  

The Resident Engagement Officer sends out the minutes to the REP again in preparation for the proceeding meeting. 

Going forward when the minutes are published, they will also be sent to the TRA. Any persons wishing to view the REP meeting minutes can contact the resident engagement officer who can print and post them to the enquirer’s address. 

What is happening to the signage to Wimborne House?


Following feedback from residents signage to Wimborne House has been improved. This includes a reproduction of the original sign which was in front of Wimborne House before works were started. When the Block A works are completed signage to Wimborne House will be updated.

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