The overall programme for Westbury will provide 334 new homes, delivered across three phases. 38 of the new homes will be for existing council tenants and a further 77 new homes for people on the council’s housing list, with a minimum of 153 new affordable homes being built overall.

Phase 1
St James is delivering 64 new homes at council-level rent on two sites on Wandsworth Road. Work is now underway, so existing residents will have new homes to move into in 2021, before Phase 2 begins.

Phase 2 & 3
The main estate redevelopment takes place in Phase 2 & 3, with some low-rise buildings being replaced and the landscaping revitalised. Outline planning permission has been granted for 270 new homes, of which 89 will be affordable, incorporating 46 at council-level rent. The work will start in 2021 and homes will be delivered in stages from 2022 onwards.

If you have any questions please contact our Resident Engagement Team on: engagement@homesforlambeth.co.uk or 07935 801 881.

Westbury team contacts

If you would like to speak to someone about the Westbury Estate, please see details for all contacts below: 

Resident Engagement Officer

Peter Smith - Phone: 07735 725798   - Email: peters@homesforlambeth.co.uk

Resident Decant Officer

Dionne Breedy-Andreson - Phone: 07720 042 072 - Email: DBreedy-Anderson2@lambeth.gov.uk

Neighbourhood Housing Officer

Frances Hinderks - Phone: 020 7926 1590 - Email: fhinderks@lambeth.gov.uk

Independent Resident Advisor

Howard Mendick, NewmanFrancis

Phone: 077803 09046 - Email: howard@newmanfrancis.org


For information from your Clapham Town ward councillors regarding the Westbury Estate:

Cllr Linda Bray - Phone: 07920 547 456 - Email: LBray@lambeth.gov.uk

Cllr Nigel Haselden - Phone: 07946 219 232 - Email: nhaselden@lambeth.gov.uk

Cllr Christopher Wellbelove - Phone: 07985 736 224 - Email: cwellbelove@lambeth.gov.uk

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