Westbury Estate Green Fingers

Over the last few weeks a group of green fingered residents have been weeding, preparing and planting crops in the hope of a bumper summer to autumn harvest.

One of the potential ideas for the new communal gardens on Westbury Estate is to include some food growing plots and we wanted to find a way to explore this idea with residents so last year we set up a growing space in the garden of No.7 Fovant Court and we worked with residents to grow and harvest lots of food.


Some was more successful than others, tomatoes grew huge and were plentiful so we made ketchup, chutney and passata as we simply couldn't keep up with harvests through salad alone. The broccoli and aubergines were less successful with the broccoli bolting and aubergines made a delicious feast for some garden pests it would seem. We had fun though, the squeals of excitement as we harvested potatoes were very joyful and we loved all the tips and advice we got from neighbours and residents so we think this is an idea that would be good to explore further.


Building on this we are planning an even bigger harvest this year, complete with giant pumpkins, and have been planting seeds, weeding, fertilising in preparation for getting the bulk of the garden planted up over the coming weeks.

IMG_5144.jpg     IMG_5159.jpg

We have already been working with residents to get started but we are always looking for more helping hands, ideas and expertise so come along on a Friday afternoon and get involved.


RSVP for the next session here. 


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