Westbury Estate REP Meeting - 11012017

This week we held a Residents Engagement Panel meeting to share updated design development prior to next weeks public exhibitions. 

Whilst there are a core set of residents who attend these meetings they are open to ALL residents of Westbury Estate who are interested in seeing the design work and providing feedback.

Three areas of design development were shared:

1. Refinements to the masterplan which you can view here.
2. Ideas for landscape and open space which you can view here.
3. Concept sketches for the phase 1 buildings which you can view here.

Refinements to the masterplan
Following a pre application meeting with Lambeth planners the team have been looking again at the series of buildings next to Heathbrook Park. The refinements produce the following benefits:

1. All maisonettes have front and private rear gardens

2. All maisonettes have direct access to secure communal garden space.

3. All communal garden space for blocks A and B is secure and remote from the public realm.

4. A new pocket public space at the end of the North-West route adjacent to St. Rule Street.

5. The ‘Angled’ wall can be removed from block A1, creating a more efficient and rectangular plan.

6. Four cores serve blocks A and B, improving cost efficiency

7. Maintains a high percentage (89%) dual aspect homes

8. Increases views of the park from within the estate through blocks A & B

Residents thought the refinements were sensible but wanted to revisit the idea of having public routes through the estate as well as some communal open spaces.

Landscape and open space

Andre from Camlins shared four sketches for approaches to open space which looked again at the proximity of doorstep play to homes. It was felt that it was a good idea to have some play accessible to people from the estate and open to the public but also to have some play within secure communal spaces. Residents thought that it was very important to gather feedback from neighbours and particularly residents of the tower blocks on issues relating to landscape and open space so this will be a key conversation for the exhibitions next week.

Phase 1 concept sketches
Architects for Phase 1, EPR, shared two concept sketches for their buildings and asked residents for feedback on how people would enter the new homes and their initial thoughts on the ideas.

More information and images will be available at the exhibition next week.

Please come along to one of the public exhibitions next week to see more design work and talk directly to the team about the ideas shown.

Wednesday 18th January 2017 6.30 - 8.30pm RSVP here

Saturday 21st January 2017 2 - 5pm RSVP here

The next REP Meeting will take place on the 22nd February 2017 6.30 - 8.30pm RSVP here


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