Westbury Estate REP Meeting - 2nd November

We had another productive REP meeting for Westbury Estate last week. The main focus of the evening was Heating and Energy so Alex McGuire from TGA engineers represented the Development Management Team to answer resident questions.


At the event on the 12th October we asked people to tell us their key questions relating to Heating & Energy and then prepared answers to these questions. You can read the full questions and answers shared here but key queries were:

Will there be a central heating system and is this safe?
The risks of having all the machines and installations in a central location are no greater than if they were in individual homes. 
The risks of failure is unavoidable with all heating systems, but the systems will be designed to ensure they can continue to operate during periods of servicing and repair.
How does a central heating and energy centre work for me as an individual? 
The primary function of the energy centre is to meet the residents' needs  for heating and hot water, not to supply electricity, however, of the site uses a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) approach then the energy centre will also supply some of the electricity for the site. 
The machines are all kept in the same location in order to group the items that need regular maintenance. From here, the heating and hot water is distributed to each individual home.
Combined Heat and Power plants generate electricity whilst also capturing usable heat that is produced during the process. The heat captured is used for heating and hot water. 
Will I pay more for my energy?
The cost of energy will be dependent upon the type of system that is used and how efficient it is. We are currently investigating construction methods and technology that could allow residents heating costs to be less than they are at the moment. The new homes will be highly energy efficient and therefore residents would not need to use their central heating as much to keep their homes warm.
Will I have a boiler in my new home?
It is unlikely that there will be individual boilers in homes as government legislation favours a central system. The central heating system would be connected to individual units such as a 'Heat Interface Unit'. Each unit would come with a thermostat and local controls so that residents can have control of their own individual system. 
Will I get to choose my own supplier?
If a central, communal system is used to provide heating and hot water then you will not have a choice about your supplier for this. There will however, be a choice of electricity supplier and you are free to choose as you do now.
Will the radiators be the same? Will there be underfloor heating?
It is likely that radiators will be used to provide heating, but under floor heating  may be an option under certain circumstances based on build ability and cost. 
Are we going to have gas and electric?
It is unlikely that gas will be supplied to he new homes. This is due to a decision by Lambeth Council, which is based on the complexity, risk and cost of gas installation in the new homes. 
What sort of cooker will I be able to have? 
Due to the reasons described above, gas is unlikely to he an option and therefore it is likely that cookers will be electric. 
If there are solar panels will electricity or hot water be cheaper?
If solar panels are used then it is likely that these would be serving the communal areas so would not provide any direct benefit to individual homes. Using electricity generated by solar panels for communal areas has the benefit of reducing landlord energy costs and thereby reducing service charge costs so residents will benefit. 
Can we use the roof spaces for gardens as well as solar panels?
The roof panels will potentially be used for a combination of outdoor space and the installations of low carbon technologies such as solar panels. This can happen on the same roof space but from experience it is important to separate the areas of solar panels and outdoor space to prevent damage to the technology.
The next REP meeting is on the 30th November where we will have updated design information from the three architects working on Westbury Estate. 
EPR who are the architects for phase 1. 
Metropolitan Workshop who are leading on the overall masterplan for the whole of Westbury Estate and designing some of the later stage in detail. 
Maccreanor Lavington who are designing some of the later stages in detail alongside Metropolitan Workshop. 
All three architects will be represented at the next REP meeting to share their design work so far and ask for feedback from residents.
RSVP for the 30th November here
Some residents have asked us if it will be possible to visit the interiors of some buildings designed by the architecture team and we have arranged two study trips.
  • Wednesday 23rd November RSVP Here
  • Saturday 14th January 10.30 - 1.30pm RSVP Here

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