What are disturbance payments for homeowners?


Compensation is based on the principle of equivalence. This means that you should be no worse off in financial terms after the council has bought your property, than you were before. Likewise you should not be any better off. Home owners are entitled to the Open Market Value of their property, and either a Home Loss payment of 10% or a Basic Loss payment of 7.5% of the Open Market Value of their property.

The table below summarises the compensation package that you would be entitled to as a homeowner depending on your occupation status.

Ownership/occupation status

Compensation Package

Owner occupier giving vacant possession (property in question being their only or principal home)

  • Market Value of your Property

  • Home loss payment, which is 10% of market value of the property, which is subject to cap

  • Disturbance Payment

  • Reasonable legal costs

Non resident leaseholder/ Freeholder and Private landlord

  • Market Value of the property

  • Basic loss payment (7.5% of market value of the property, which is subject to cap)

  • Reasonable legal costs

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