What are Homes for Lambeth doing to address digital exclusion as some may of its activities are online?


It is unfortunate that currently, social distancing constrains how Howes for Lambeth is engaging and liaising with residents. Like so many organisations, groups and businesses – we cannot wait for a time when face to face activities re-commence. 

We are currently planning to begin use of the Green Shop from 21 June onwards as the final stage of the lockdown conditions are relaxed.  

We anticipate a number of our activities to be delivered locally such as our employability sessions. We can explore face to face sessions such as the drop-ins with the South Lambeth resident engagement officer and independent advisor as well as Your Team events such as repairs and decant workshops. 

Currently, Homes for Lambeth is providing tablets to a number of digitally excluded resident and is about to start distributing internet-enabled handsets via Hubbub to digitally excluded residents on South Lambeth and other estates. Homes for Lambeth has also partnered with Clear Community Web, a Lambeth based organization, to improve residents understanding of how to use the internet. 

As the Green Shop opens, two laptops will be available for residents to book and use. Free WIFI will also be available for residents in the hub as well. 

In addition, A tablet lending scheme was advertised to residents at South Lambeth in the Love Lambeth Magazine, South Lambeth Newsletter and at the Summer roadshow. To date, 12 tablets have been loaned out including two tablets to residents from South Lambeth. Training and support have also been offered to residents joining the scheme. This includes socially distanced doorstep visits where this is viable and the lockdown rules allow.  

We have a regular group of learners that meets every Friday online to develop their digital skills. We are also running a series of workshops on accessing services online.  

If residents would like more information, they can contact Wendy Bohan via [email protected] 

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