Who chairs the REPs? 


The chair of the resident engagement panel is expected to emerge from the existing panel membership which is made up of Homes for Lambeth and Lambeth Council officers, Ward members and resident members alongside other relevant community organisations.  

In this way the chair will understand what is required in this position and immersed in the understanding of the estate transformation. 

 Chair qualities and skills: 

  • Understanding of and empathy with the residents of South Lambeth estate 
  • Ability to champion the estate transformations and 
  • Co-create and support the vision for South Lambeth with residents 
  • Good meeting and presentation skills 
  • Supportive and confident chairing style 
  • Commitment to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion 
  • A good communicator able to liaise with people of all backgrounds 

 An expression of interest from a panel member (or from panel members) will be presented to the REP at a REP meeting with members voting for their preferred chair. If voting is tied, then cochairs can be created. 

 The Chair will remain in place for the same period as any resident member (e.g. three years). 

 Also within the protocol; 

  1. Recruitment of resident members (and substitutes) will be ongoing until such time as the panel composition reaches capacity. 
  2. Potential new resident members who have self-identified themselves as interested in becoming a resident panel member to the resident engagement officer, will be invited to attend a REP meeting as a guest and observer to learn more about the panel and the role. 
  3. Potential new members will be invited to share a brief statement on why they’d like to become a REP member with other members at a meeting. 
  4. New resident members will be agreed to by the REP and approved by the chair 

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