Why has the council set up Homes for Lambeth?


Lambeth is in the grip of a severe housing crisis. We have over 28,000 households waiting on our waiting list, and 2,000 families in temporary accommodation. Sixty to 80 families join the waiting list for social housing every week, but only 20 to 40 homes are available.

In Lambeth, similar to other London boroughs, a shortage of housing has resulted in an increase of house prices and rent levels. Over the last decade, house prices have more than doubled. Lambeth’s 2012 Housing Needs Assessment (HNA) identifies an overall housing requirement across all tenures of 23,900 homes over the next 20 years, of which 70 per cent was a need for affordable housing.

HfL will allow the council to:

  • Build more and better homes at council level rent, to help tackle Lambeth’s housing crisis
  • Take greater control over the pace, quality, tenure type and volume of new housing delivery in Lambeth across a range of tenures
  • Ensure any surplus created is funnelled back into building more and better affordable homes for Lambeth people


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