Why is the Council regenerating estates?


Where the council owns land ready for development, we’re moving quickly to build these homes. Somerleyton Road in Brixton already has planning permission for 300 new homes, all for rent and all with priority for the local community, but there isn’t enough of this kind of undeveloped land in Lambeth.

However, the council has several council estates, built at lower densities to meet the needs of the borough in the 1960s and 1970s, when the population of Lambeth was much lower than it is now. Many tenants are living in dilapidated homes that the Council can’t afford to refurbish, and many more are living in overcrowded homes because of the lack of family-sized homes in the borough.

That’s why Lambeth is pursuing a major estate rebuilding programme. Last autumn, the Council’s Cabinet approved plans for three estates in the north of the borough - at Westbury, South Lambeth and Knights Walk - leading to 500 extra homes, almost 300 of which will be at council rent. The remainder will be for private renters.

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