Wildlife and Screenprinting at Knight's Walk

Last month we combined the group's interest in local wildlife with one resident's unique knowledge on fabric printing to look at programming activities at No.15 in a slightly different way.

Wildlife Talk

As part of our conversations about the future community space on Knight's Walk we have been combining our focus both on skill and interests that exist within the community of Knight's Walk and also looking outward to connect with experts and local organisations who might be interested in running activities in the space. 

Knowing about the group's keen interest in local wildlife we invited Katy Thomas, a Senior Ecologist, to come and run a talk at No.15 about Kennington Wildlife with a particular focus on her passion - birds.

We gathered at No.15 for Katy's fascinating presentation where we found out lots of new  and interesting facts about the birds, foxes, owls, bats and falcons that inhabit some London neighbourhoods. In particular we were surprised to find out that there are now more urban foxes in London than double decker buses, you can find seals in their colony at canary wharf and we also heard an incredible success story of a pair of peregrine falcons who nest in Battersea Power Station.


Screen Printing Skill Swap

We got quite carried away in the wildlife session talking about our favourite local birds including blackbirds, waxwing, robins, and parakeets, and thought it would be a great idea to combine this with one of our skill swaps. 
One of the residents of Knight's Walk previously worked in the fabric printing and textile industry and brought his collection of technical books to No.15 so we took this as an excellent opportunity for sharing this skill with the rest of the group. 
printing-1-2.jpg  printing-1.jpg
Residents chose their favourite bird and we were delighted to see everyone at No.15 get stuck in at slapping the ink onto the screen and using the squeegee to transfer through our unique Knight's Walk birds stencil onto custom tea towels.
It was a real team effort, with four of us around the screen at one point and although the content of the technical books was a little beyond our beginner level it was great to see residents trying this new skill for the first time and getting a lovely tea-towel to take home as a result!
Look out for more activities, talks, workshops and sessions at No.15 over the next few months and if you have an idea or would like to share your skill and expertise get in touch by calling 0800 072 0265. 

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